Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hurt by love, struck by the pain.
The pain so intense that at the mere sight of you,
Hurtful thoughts clouding my mind.
Thoughts of loosing you and that of drifting far apart,
Because with each passing day, talking gets lesser
And silence takes over our lips.
I feel you hurt me real bad
And if this is the way its going to be now,
Then what i'm i to expect when distance comes in between?
Yeah, you have apologized, begged and promised
But what difference does it make if you keep hurting me
Because you know you could always apologize?
Then in the end, you are only taking me for granted.
Sure, i know you might think i'm over reacting
And taking this thing so far,
But its simply because of the way i feel.
I can't pretend not to be hurt, when deep inside i am.
I miss you!, I miss us!, Better still,i miss the person i fell in love with!
That person who loves me for me,
That person whom i can be myself around and not need to fake.
I know we are building this bond,
Thats why i want it to be the kind that would last.
That would be talked about by all, because what we share is true.
Trusting each other against all odds and boundaries.
I'm sorry if out of anger, i utered some foul words to you,
Its just because, i don't know how to react when i think i'm being taken for granted.
I love you dearly and i can't imagine going a day without you
Or sharing you with someone else.
I admit i'm insecure of myself at times,
I make little mistakes and even act like a child.
But i don't expect you to turn away from me,
Instead i want you to be able to hug me and say
Baby you're not fine even when i pretend all is well.........

© 2012, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi. 
    All rights reserved.

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