Sunday, March 6, 2016


Photo Credit : Epic Dreams

Last night, a revisited nightmare.
He bleeds my heart
My head spin on a pole of hate
Myself, a carcass feast for vultures

Last night, it happened again.
He hurt me with his words
He said a lot of hurtful things to me
Like a waste sheet of paper, i felt crumpled in his palm.

Last night, it happened again.
Before the break of dawn i was already broken.
Scattered all over the place
Oblivious of tomorrow

Last night, it happened again.
His violent self was at it once more.
His hands that once directed me to the well of love threw me against the wall and started choking me.
Accusing me of doing this, that and that.

Last night, it happened again.
He beat me up again.
And as helpless as always i just kept my cool.
Because i love him so much it hurts.
But I stay

Last night, it happened again.
But I woke up this morning to find flowers
and a note saying he's sorry.
I must confess it really got to me.
It was one of the most emotional moments in a long while.
He never says sorry,
He's always Mr. Right

So this morning after it happened last night, i want to believe is the last.

© 2016, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi.

All rights reserved.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: It was a slow night at a network cocktail. Just when I was dreading the night there were eyes and a smile that shown and sparkled all at once. Then her eyes met mine...

SENSE OF TOUCH: Was i mistaken, or indeed my eyes saw right. How can a dazzling young sit amidst all this fun and yet look so down

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: Something in her eyes beckoned at me and I saw nothing else in the room. So as though in a trance I off my seat and seemingly levitated towards her

SENSE OF TOUCH: The moment our eyes interlocked for the second time, he was coming towards me, I became nervous, or better still coy. I straightened up in my seat pretending to be in control of myself.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: No clever lines registered. She homed in on me as I meandered through the party in her direction. She looked poised. My heart kicked up tempo. She was gorgeous. "Hi, I'm Frederick."

SENSE OF TOUCH: Still trying to come to terms with if i can all handle this, i gently lifted my head with a foolish smile on my face and replied, Hi, I'm Michelle.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: Her company as though by cue waltzed away. Her hand rested nimbly in my palm. Soft and moist. My head reeled a moment and I sat next to her. I took a deep breath to gain composure.

SENSE OF TOUCH: He's next to me now and we're seated as though we've known each other for a while. I like the way my hands feel in his palm, but what i love most is the look in his eyes and oh I still can't take my eyes off his lips,

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: Her voice tugged strings at my heart, light glistened off her cleavage and I caught myself staring, wondering... If her palm was this soft; I still held her palm stroking the back of it absentmindedly. Being around her felt familiar.

SENSE OF TOUCH: A taste of those lips is all i have on my mind. Well maybe because i love kissing but it was more than tempting. I like what i see. NO!!! i need what i see.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: I felt a welling in my gut. I was flooded with want. So I asked if she’d like to take a walk. She bit her bottom lip and nodded. What did that mean, I led her holding the small of her back through the crowd. She had a stunning figure.

SENSE OF TOUCH: I'm enjoying his company. And it is funny how vulnerable i feel around him now, especially because i was shy at first. We're heading outside and i can't wait to be alone with him. I'm already feeling butterflies in my stomach, and i long to know him more. I want to be with him internally.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: I could have known her a good five years by the way we jelled. The chemistry was atomic...

SENSE OF TOUCH: It was dark and serene outside. I followed as he led the way while we walked hand in hand towards a car i figured was his. He gently carried and put me on the trunk of the car and sat close by. So close that even the air would have to force its way through. After a couple of touchy moments, the rains came pouring down. He quickly opened the car door and beckoned me to enter.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: Things were escalating, I couldn't think through it. I didn't want to think. Every fiber of my being wanted to trespass, and I needn't permission. She had made a lady pass at me. Subliminal it was, but It woke me. We sat in the back seat of my Escalade. Light threatened to seep through the tinted windows. She was wet, her clothes clung to her. Her nipples outlined in the available light that stole through the windshield. I stared. Not knowing how I gravitated towards her till I could hear her shallow breath. She had the face of vulnerability, and I wasn't about to be merciful.

SENSE OF TOUCH: As he got closer, my lips gently parted to make way for his. He must have been a good kisser because the way he softly bit on my lower lip before kissing me felt incredibly good. Things moved quickly. He was gentle and careful. He knew just how to treat a woman in waiting. He placed romantic kisses all over my body, from my sole all the way up to my crown. As he unzipped my dress. He trailed my back with soft touches and kisses. It felt nice and awkward at the same time, but i was not ready to let go. I liked how i was feeling and wanted to feel more...

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: Her body was a revelation and in the midst of being high of anticipation I was giddy with excitement. My right hand cupped her left breast, firm and supple with ample perk. I thumbed her nipple while kissing the hollow of her neck. She wreathed and shuddered. I traced a tongue down to her right breast and suctioned her areola, then I swirled my tongue about her nipple. I felt her nails claw into my back.

SENSE OF TOUCH: No matter how hard i try, i can't hide it. I feel terribly aroused. I starting to feel dampness in between my thighs. "I feel so horny". With my eyes closed i gently let out a soft moan as i felt his tongue on my nipples. Fredrick made no sense to me anymore, Just Freddie. I enjoyed how our bodies both fused in the explosion of harsh breathing n sublime touches.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: I needed the taste of her lips, I needed to feel her tongue, and she welcomed me once more with parted lips. She was sweet, and I couldn't get enough. She matched my hunger. I sent my hands exploring south, till I discovered her wet valley. Her soft fold brimmed with that natural lubrication. She was ripe and ready. I wedged my middle finger between her lower lips and felt her things clasp my hand. He hips heaved in want. She bit my lower lip and stared me straight in the eye.

SENSE OF TOUCH: Images of long done fantasies starts travelling across my consciousness. For I've had a month or two of celibacy. Tonight i was ready to relive all them. Feeling his hand in my sanctuary felt heavenly. I stirred up emotions deep within me. I wiggled my hips as he continued as though begging him begin.i was burning up with emotions. I couldn't wait to feel his full length inside me.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: She wanted me, my ego went through the roof of the car. I paused a moment to look at her body and I willed myself to wake up from this lucid dream. She tugged at my belt, it was then that I realized my bulge was throbbing. I liberated myself of my belt and she hastily lowered my zip and in the same sweeping motion uncovered my memper. She grasped my shaft and closed her eyes while letting out a heavy sigh.

SENSE OF TOUCH: Damn!!! It was thick, and long. Seeing him this hard felt so amazing. My moist lips covered the tip of his cock. Slowly i let my head down as i gradually filled my mouth entirely with his cock. From the way he sounded it must have felt just right. He quickly held the back of my head and pushed it back down to his cock as i was about to let it out of my mouth.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: She put me in her mouth and there was peace in the world. She had a firm grasp on my shaft that registered all my nerves. My composure and control died instantly. Then she sucked me deep and I had to grasp something. She threatened to bring me to completion too early and in my subconscious I had to tighten a heavy clamp. She worked hard and it warmed my heart that she looked as though she could possibly be enjoying it more than I was, my gaze shifted to the apple shape her ass formed and I felt empowered.

SENSE OF TOUCH: My sly tongue lightly left his throbbing cock. I lean a little more forward allowing my swaying breast to brush against his cock. I pressed my breast firmly around his hard flesh making way to for to slip between my twin towers. Firmly squeezing as his fingers pulled on my hair.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: She surprised me by sandwiching my cock between her breast. When at first her nipple brushed the head of my cork I thought I'd spurt. I was riding close to the brim and she kept me there. He warm soft cleavage massaged the length of my shaft, and it was beautiful watching her fingers clasp  her breast and stroke my cock. I cupped her chin and drew her to me. I kissed her tender. Her lips satisfied me and left me hungry all at once. My cock wedged between the lips of her pussy and she close her legs to envelop them. I rubbed her back and slid my had to her butt cheeks. Good Lord they were firm and rounded with just the right bounce. I turned her over and she claps her legs over my waist. the party was about to get started.

SENSE OF TOUCH: I knew he was ready to penetrate, but not so quickly. I needed to feel his mouth around my pussy. I needed a tongue fuck. I gently pushed him down as i placed my wet and moist pussy over his head. As he sucked me dry i bend slowly heading towards his cock, as though in a 69 position. As he licked i sucked. His tongue was a "Boss" at this. It knew just where to touch at what time, and how to touch it. All of a sudden i felt his finger inside me, making me moan so hard forgetting i had a cock to suck i placed my hand on the wet window hoping to get a composure of myself

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: Things went south, so to speak. Her hand send my head between her garden to tend her flower. I pegged her lips, then I parted them, I could make out the pink in the dim. I liked her inner lips and savored the taste. Clean. Then I made out with her lips, just then I felt her take me in her mouth and steal my concentration. So I payed her back more attention. I flicked my tongue over her clit and felt her respond, then i went for the kill. My tongue found her opening and I introduced it, all the while I finger beat her clit to a steady tempo as I tongue fucked her. She wreathed and I held her down. This was one punishment she was going to see endure. Did I hear her call me Freddie?

SENSE OF TOUCH: Seeing my hand marked on his wet window brought my attention back. I had an erected dick to suck. And i was so going to pay him back pay. I suck on his cock so fast i could feel him tremble beneath me. I then moved in still with my back facing him i sat of his cock ready to ride him. Cowgirl wasn't one of my favourite positions but i was ready to make it one. I rode slowly on his cock as he held on tightly onto my waist.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: I had her. I could feel her nearing explosion. The waves gathered and was going to make landfall soon. Then she robbed me. Her mouth was instantly tighter around my cock. My cock rubbed the inner cheek of her mouth and it felt like pussy. She increased her pace and I was going to lose it. i began to bite my lip, I summoned the heavy clamp, but it was getting late. She was getting me there. What was this? Who is she? Goodness! Then she switched it up and I didn't see it coming. Faster than I knew she'd straddled my cock and eased my entire length into her offering me the view of her well formed butt. I was losing my mind. What was worse, she rode me slowly and I could feel her insides. I held on to her waist as the only support, half begging and half wanting.

SENSE OF TOUCH: What was i thinking not to have made this one of my favourite. Or was it the way he held on to my waist that made me enjoy it. I could feel the space between us get smaller and smaller. He moved up towards me and held on tightly to me as though a fragile child. He gently bent me over and buried his face in between my butt, while he felt how wet i was with his finger.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: The beast in me came to life. She was dripping and I was thirsty. But this beast was a carnivore and he wanted meat. I had her doggy, but took my time. I reached my hands around her and worked her clit. She backed up into me wanting. I subdued her. I held my cock between her pussy and let the head of my cock work her clit still. She moaned. I knew she wanted the dick back in her so I built her anticipation. I palmed her left breast and kept pace. Then without warning I slipped into her and felt her insides clench around the introduction. I stroked her steady allowing her nipple to rub inside my palm, distributing the pleasure. She worked in rhythm with me. I grabbed her waist and kept fucking and her moans kept me going.

SENSE OF TOUCH: Ooh mine!!! Finally, my favourite position. He slide his length into me and as he took it out, a soft Freddie escaped my lips. I wanted to feel more of that. I needed more of that deep penetration. He went on slower and slower gradually upgrading the depth with the next penetration. I couldn't wait any longer. His delay wasn't denial but my pussy could not stand the wait. My body was filled with sexual excitement. I moved faster with my head going back and forth as he fucked me from behind.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: The sound of the tempo of us fucking picked up pace. the view of her body had me thanking her maker. So we slowed and picked up tempo and it was a delicate dance. My dick was happy. A film of sweat lined our bodies and the experience transcended this dimension. I pulled out of her and I watched her body language change, her face seemed to ask "Are you done? Is that all. I sat and spread her legs as she adapted to laying on her front. I pulled her close so and she bent her knees upwards to adapt to the length of the backseat. I had one last surprise for her. I reintroduced into her the same erectness and watched her claw at the door. The modified wheelbarrow took off, I held her by the waist and stroked in and out of her slowly finding her spot. 4. 5. 6. I hit it repeatedly and she got louder. I built tempo and evened the strokes to persist at her spot. fr fr ffff frrrrr freddieeee... I lost it. Were both in spasm and I grunted my submission. I rested my back against the door and watched her body quiver. Then she stilled.

SENSE OF TOUCH: I guess moving faster, turned him on more badly. He picked up the pace holding on firmly to my waist as he fucked me harder and harder. I called for it, so he responded accordingly. I was kidding to have thought it was over until he split my thighs wide open exposing my wet dripping pussy. He entered again and it was fireworks. All i could hear myself say was faster!:faster!! faster!! I could feel i was almost there. I was just about to cum, my tropical rain forest was about to pour down. Without knowing, i let out the words "i cumming". He moved quicker and deep until i finally landed. He pulled out of me and watched the satisfied look i had on my face

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: Michelle turned over to look at me when the waters calmed. I laid forward and propped myself on my elbow, looking down at her. I kissed her. Long and sweet. "Michelle how about Breakfast with me tomorrow morning and Dinner in the evening?"

SENSE OF TOUCH: Ooh mine i didn't see this coming. Sure, Freddie any place of your choice and time is okay by me.

ANONYMOUS GUEST WRITER: Great, my place then. 

                                                                    THE END

Sunday, September 6, 2015


His silence like an arrow pierced my heart,
At the dawn of the night, my heart raced
Sleep parted, dreams scattered 
My ears scream to the racing heart
In my haste, time was an enemy, 
In my hurt, time became a friend
Gradually turning my lover into a shadow
Sexual intercourse became his only form of communication,
Digging in between the thighs, dripping of sweats, scratching of the back and Oh the thrusting.  
The uuuggghhhh, ooohhh, aaahhh, mmm, yeeesss, he desired most.  
Oh mine!!! the nectar that shelters in between the cave and sanctuary of a woman and the shaft of a man.
The odd of bending over, the pain of laying with a leg raised, the agony of lying in a wired manner felt nothing anymore.
Just the pleasure. Felt good. 
The sweet nectar drips, and taste so good.  
Times like this, i wish lasted forever
Soon the moment passes and we share nothing more.
He wears a mask scarier than the beast.  
Like I was a fling, or maybe a one night stand
That nothing meant anything to him, not even the cuddle of a lover.  
What took the sight of my lover? 
Who had him under her bed cover?
Or did I get too short or I grew a little tall?
Did I trade my weight or bought a few pounds? 
Did the size of my breast shrink or blossom that he didn't enjoy holding onto them and sucking them any longer, did they fail the test of time, showing the works done?
What of the kiss of love? 
Or did the sight of my nakedness stop getting him hard on until he had explored every curve of my body with his tongue, from my toes all the way to nibble on my ears.
My finger is short, it cannot find a resting place. 

© 2015, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi.
 All rights reserved.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


My heart goes out to babies, who know nothing about this cruel world.
Who no matter how small, were the hope of a brighter tomorrow for their single mother.
Yet were not spared by this incidence, lets observe 10 seconds of silence.
Another 10 for that poor man, who was in a hurry to get home,
Just so his sick child could feed off the little he struggled to get, before he take his medicine
Yet could not make it home.
What about that young breadwinner?
The only graduate in a family of 10?
Who lost his life to this awful trend.
All in the haste to get home to inform his family that he finally got a job.
He sure deserves 10 seconds.
To all those drivers,
Who tried their best to get passengers safely to their destination,
Only to get home and find out that the destiny of his own family was no where near recognition.
I guess we could spare him just 10 seconds of our time.
10 seconds of silence, for Mothers, Fathers, Husbands,Wives,
Uncles, Aunties, Grandmothers, Grandfathers and Friends,
Who we exchanged pleasantries with, telling them we would see them soon
But now have been gutted by fire and lay unnoticeably burned to ashes amidst waste and scrap.
To virgin and disvirgined bodies, that were still kept in privacy
Only to be shown in the comfort of rooms, for the fear of showing off a few minor disabilities,
But now have gone viral all over social media,
And brings tears to the eyes because of it's painfulness to behold,
Please permit another 10 seconds.
Lets observe a minute silence, to all departed souls,
Who lost their lives to this tragedy.
It could have been me, it could have been you.........

© 2015, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi.
 All rights reserved.