Monday, February 23, 2015


I see all his does
I know where he goes
And with whom he goes
But whats the need for caring
When he is happy with someone else
Yet i sit still too frightened to make an expression

For what if an overflow of words
Out of the my painfulness of my heart
Through my lips will lead to our end
Or what if it actually makes a difference
And we get back to how we used to be.

Somehow I've always wanted to convey to you
The pain and sensation in my heart
But still not too brave enough to take chances
Threatened by the thin line between happiness and sorrow
So i'm stuck here in the middle

Stuck inside these walls too afraid to make a sound
For the fear of being heard and singled out
Simply hoping that one day. if not the next i might be set free

Like a victim before the court of law
Too careful for what i say might lead to a lifetime of loneliness
And too conscious of my every move knowing it might impersonate me.
So i just keep mute and deal with all this pain
Until i'm set free.

© 2015, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi. 
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Right on this bed you told me you loved me,
And for reasons unknown i believed without doubt.
Little did i know those words would enslave me,
Blinden me, and leave me shattered.
I put my heart and soul into those words
And in the process I've lost my mind.
My heart is heavy
My soul is in pain
There's a rebel lying deep in my soul
Battling with let him go and let him stay
Like its an easy decision to make
When my body still yearns for your touch
We've always wanted a perfect future together
And we lived each day like a fulfillment of our to be
As we waited for it to come so we could flea
But here i am today,
On this same bed that once brought smiles on my face
And chills down my spine, at the touch of your hand.
Memories that appear anytime i close my eyes,
Making it difficult to let go, even if i need to
I'm filled with anger and pain
My heart is racing with so many emotions
Hoping to let loose and be free
How i feel i do not know
And what i know, i can't believe.
Like a knife you pierced through my insides with those last words
And now that emptiness still remains.
I sit here with thoughts crowded in my mind
But still not the slightest idea how to move on
I built my world around you
And now it all just crumpled and fell
My heart is bleeding
My soul aches
All for trusting

© 2015, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi. 
     All rights reserved.