Monday, March 16, 2015


I know what I saw
Hidden, yet my mind could see
I just needed to look
Alas! That view was worth a second turn
There he stood, a towel clinched on his firm waist
Pleasing to the eyes as honey is to the tongue
For a century, my gaze holds on
Not even a blink of an eye, for I miss a curve
His skin as fertile as mother earth, ready to sprout forth her beauty
And the look in his eyes,
Like the touch of sun hitting the surface of water
Bright and daring
For a split second, my thoughts escaped
How it would feel to have his masculine rubbing against my feminine
Creating a sizzling sensation that stirs up emotions
Deep from the inside of my inner being
Gently, he lost grips of the towel,
There stood the mystery of my bewilderment
I was stunned, confused, and felt foolish
So I watched and watched
Not caring if I got caught or not, just watched
He was handsome
No!!! Sinfully Handsome
So all I think, stretching to the early morning sun rise
Is to steal a memory- peep, at him
I don’t know how long
But I know I'll keep looking.

© 2015, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi.
     All rights reserved.