Monday, August 15, 2011


That night at the party as the music played,
And the words of love from the music filled the entire place.
I sat in a chair at the bar with a drink in my hand
Watching several couples dance to the tune and move to the beats of the song.
I kept imagining how nice it would feel to be in their shoes.
My mind went wild with thoughts about this night.

Then the song that turns me on and gets me dancing began to play.
 I gently tapped my feet and nodded to the tune.
 All of a sudden i felt a tap on my shoulder,
 And turned around right on time to find a young handsome gentleman
 He politely said the words that i had been waiting all night to hear
 "Can i have this dance?".
 The next minute, i was on my feet, close to him,
 Dancing and taking one step at a time.
With every step we took together, it kept on getting better.
Our eyes locked on to each other and the music being our guide,
We danced and thrilled the whole place.

It was a miracle finding someone like him.
The first time in a long while i felt a way i had never felt before.
No one could stop us from dancing,
Not the D.J,the M.C or any other person present,
Because our spirits were on higher grounds where destruction was certainly a crime.
Then the music ended, couples took their seats and the crowds clapped,
Yet still we continued to dance to our own music found only in our minds.
We came to a stop, only to realize that we were the only people standing.
He pulled me to the seat and asked to be excused.
That was it, he never came back.

Now I'm at home,
And i want so much to dance again with him.
But where could he be?
So can i have this dance?
And with whom would it be?
You,Him,or that same handsome guy, whose name i did not even ask?
 Can i have this dance?

© 2011, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi. 
    All rights reserved.