Sunday, March 6, 2016


Photo Credit : Epic Dreams

Last night, a revisited nightmare.
He bleeds my heart
My head spin on a pole of hate
Myself, a carcass feast for vultures

Last night, it happened again.
He hurt me with his words
He said a lot of hurtful things to me
Like a waste sheet of paper, i felt crumpled in his palm.

Last night, it happened again.
Before the break of dawn i was already broken.
Scattered all over the place
Oblivious of tomorrow

Last night, it happened again.
His violent self was at it once more.
His hands that once directed me to the well of love threw me against the wall and started choking me.
Accusing me of doing this, that and that.

Last night, it happened again.
He beat me up again.
And as helpless as always i just kept my cool.
Because i love him so much it hurts.
But I stay

Last night, it happened again.
But I woke up this morning to find flowers
and a note saying he's sorry.
I must confess it really got to me.
It was one of the most emotional moments in a long while.
He never says sorry,
He's always Mr. Right

So this morning after it happened last night, i want to believe is the last.

© 2016, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi.

All rights reserved.

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