Sunday, September 6, 2015


His silence like an arrow pierced my heart,
At the dawn of the night, my heart raced
Sleep parted, dreams scattered 
My ears scream to the racing heart
In my haste, time was an enemy, 
In my hurt, time became a friend
Gradually turning my lover into a shadow
Sexual intercourse became his only form of communication,
Digging in between the thighs, dripping of sweats, scratching of the back and Oh the thrusting.  
The uuuggghhhh, ooohhh, aaahhh, mmm, yeeesss, he desired most.  
Oh mine!!! the nectar that shelters in between the cave and sanctuary of a woman and the shaft of a man.
The odd of bending over, the pain of laying with a leg raised, the agony of lying in a wired manner felt nothing anymore.
Just the pleasure. Felt good. 
The sweet nectar drips, and taste so good.  
Times like this, i wish lasted forever
Soon the moment passes and we share nothing more.
He wears a mask scarier than the beast.  
Like I was a fling, or maybe a one night stand
That nothing meant anything to him, not even the cuddle of a lover.  
What took the sight of my lover? 
Who had him under her bed cover?
Or did I get too short or I grew a little tall?
Did I trade my weight or bought a few pounds? 
Did the size of my breast shrink or blossom that he didn't enjoy holding onto them and sucking them any longer, did they fail the test of time, showing the works done?
What of the kiss of love? 
Or did the sight of my nakedness stop getting him hard on until he had explored every curve of my body with his tongue, from my toes all the way to nibble on my ears.
My finger is short, it cannot find a resting place. 

© 2015, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi.
 All rights reserved.

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