Friday, March 23, 2012


He was a good partner for me and I loved him for that
I really thought so well of him because we smiled and laughed together.
But, suddenly things began to change
We agree little and disagree so much on things
He knows I never liked that.
This time it was at the extreme
It happened through out this faithful night

He was at it again with the complains, whines, Jealousy
And all that comes with it.
Trust me this time around, I was so fed up
I just couldn't have taken it lightly any longer
I told him hurriedly, “Everything ends and it does so at once”.            
“It is a joke” he replied gravely. 
“Of course just this instance, tonight       
“I’d rather sleep on the couch in the living room than on the bed by your side”
He powerfully said, “You are mine”
“Not any more” I replied badly.
“First thing tomorrow morning, I’ll be out of here”.

Oh No! Here he comes, to the sitting room.
Shouting and screaming on top of his earsplitting voice
“Hasn't he had enough of this already? I saw he had not.
So to think I could sleep here peacefully was a big mistake.
What I’m I going to do? I asked my instinct
I think I’d rather sleep outside because with all of this,
There’s no way my sleep would be sound.

Immediately, I got out of the house.
The roads were dark and the environs, quite      
And I was so scared . In fact, I was so scared of death
But I’ll be here instead than there with him.
The skies had become cloudy and still becoming cloudy that night
H’m, I pray it doesn't rain.            
Already I don’t know where I was going coupled with the rains.      
Few minutes later whiles I thought of where to go, the rains started pouring down             
With its thick and heavy showers, the drops hit my body so hard
What the ‘hell’ is this, what I’m I going to do now?

I kept wondering through the middle of the road for cover
Then I saw a tent some few meters ahead of me
I’d probably wait under this tent, i thought                         
So I quickly got under whiles I hope that it comes down.
Then there was a flash light approaching from a car
I became so tensed and even more scared               
I started guessing who it was.

Who is it, what does the person want, I’m I safe at all?    
Then I saw a man step out of the car.
After he came out of the car completely, I recognized him
He was the last person on my mind at that time.
Oh my gosh, what does he want from me again, I asked?
We are through with this, there’s no more us.

 I started running through the rains,
Thinking he will let sleeping dogs lie.
But i guess i thought wrong, he came running after me!
I began to pant for breath because He ran faster than I did
He grabbed me by the hand from behind.
I struggled to get him let go but I couldn't
He grabbed me more firmly and turned me around facing him.
My eyes were closed because I didn't want to see him.

The rain was pouring still; I was feeling cold and shivering
He came close by, trying to hug me,
But I kept fidgeting and hitting him to get off.
I hit him harder and harder but he still wouldn't let go.
He kept struggling just so that he could give me that hug,
Whiles I fought him he struggled, and finally he had his way.
He hugged me tightly as though he would never let go.
Whispering and saying slowly into my ears that,
He was sorry and it was never going to happen again

But for how long would he continually hurt me and say sorry
And for how long I’m I going to have to hear him out,
And give him a second chance,
If all he does is the same thing over and over.
He gently rubbed the rain off my face with his hands
And moved his finger slowly around my lips
Moving with every curve and bend that characterized it

Warmly, his lips touched mine
And as always, I could not resist
Even if i wanted to.
His kiss does the magic all the time
And this moment, this instance wasn't an exception.
We kissed each other hungrily and emotionally
Without caring about the down pour.
Slowly he carried me, and laid me down on the grass
The feeling was intense and magical
We made love and made each other happy
All in the rain, it couldn't have been a barrier anyway,
To two strong hearts entangled with emotions and mixed feeling.

© 2012, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi. 
All rights reserved.


  1. This is a great peom with indeed a great sence of touch. You such a highly imaginative and a very creative lady.