Monday, October 24, 2011


Let our Love be about us, not them.
Let them say whatever they have to say behind our backs
And let it not bother us.
After all, they do not share in our emotions and feelings.
We alone know what we feel and the chemistry that joins us,
So why destroy what we have?
Gossips are normal, Hear-says are no exceptions so why bother?
Let them say what they’ve got to say
And let us love while we’ve got to love and still have time.
If we love strongly and true,
And they talk and gossip what do we care?
After all at the end of the day it’s us not them.
Let us love ourselves and not love around them.
It’s what we share not what they share.
It’s about us not them.

© 2011, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi.
     All rights reserved.

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