Monday, October 3, 2011


For all these years we have shared times together
Whether good or bad, we were ever determined to make it better.
Like those times when we used to walk in the park
Laughing and giggling or having lunch on the mat.
All the promises, the wishes and the plans we had for the future,
And what went wrong?

What went wrong?
We did spend time-out with our friends 
Laughing through out without them even knowing why,
It was amusing and so, looked at us in a funny way
Those made us laugh the more, muttering together
“Observers are worried!” So what went wrong?

 What went wrong?
We’d talk at night for hours without talking about anything,
In particular, Wow! What Prince could this hither bring?
I go everywhere with you so far as I was by your side
To spirits of the air, our visions were so wide:
And what went wrong?

What went wrong?
Or is it just a confirmation of the saying that
“People change overnight”. Is it something I said or did?
Or has our bond just lost its firm grip.
Is this the end of the road for us? No! Because I just can’t let you go?
I wish I had a little idea of how to right the wrongs.

How to take us back to the good old days that
I still believe is nowhere towards end yet.
I treasure every bit of time I spent together with you,
Because they were my very best.
If only I knew. If only I had the slightest idea what to do.
Then I guess things would be better

Ah -it’s meaningless without you.
With all these treasures I posses, it’s true.
Even though I’m breathing I can’t survive.
And though I’m living I’m not alive.
How do I tell my mind to stop loving when my heart still does?
I know that we love with our hearts when it comes.

But what’s the job of the mind without the heart
H’m and the heart without the mind?
My nights are sleepless and I’m losing control,
Oh! I’m tearing apart to see you go
This feeling is killing my heart by an inch every passing hour.
I want you back! I want you back to fill the blank spaces in my life.

I still remember those days when I sneak out to spend time with you,
And have the kind of joy that only you could give.
I certainly have visions of delight to hold, to cherish, to lean unto,
To embrace and never let go of you
I need you more than I need myself!
I know it sounds funny right, but, yeah it’s real.

That’s how far your absence can take me.
Your rejection, neglect and abandonment is killing me!
I need you to give me back my faith in humility.
I really do need you back in my life.
Want you back.

© 2011, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi. 
    All rights reserved.

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