Friday, September 9, 2011


Time changes, huh? 
I guess times change.
 You are not here; but far away and, 
Life's noises have begun again. 
Gone were the days when we used to call each other, 
To chit chat and gossip about that boy or girl we saw pass by. 
Sending funny messages that made us laugh, and not cry. 
When we used to talk about that boy or girl who say they love us. 
When people thought there was more to us than friends.
 I remember how you used to get jealous, 
When you saw me stand with some other guy. 
With them, there was nothing serious. 
I'm sorry if i over reacted that day. 
Right now, i don't even get a beep from you, 
So even if i want to pick up the phone and call, 
I feel you just are not ready to talk. 
So i forget it. 
I don't know what has changed between us.
 I don't know what's happening to our friendship,
 I don't think a miss is as good as a mile, 
But one thing i know for sure is that i miss you so much. 
How i wish i could let you know about this.
 I really do miss you.

© 2011, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi.
 All rights reserved.

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