Monday, December 29, 2014


If love is forever
So i always want to be with you whenever,
And everything seems so perfect
And the mere sight of you
Awakens emotions and feelings so true
Then why wait any longer

If i believe in you
And with every kiss on the lips you prove that its true
And the touch of your hands made my feelings grew
And stir up emotions we that seem to transfer
Then why deny what we feel

If next door to happiness there's sorrow
Where everything becomes so hollow
And things change in a short while
And what is, tends to become what used to be
Then why not remain with you behind closed doors instead.

If i trusted you as much as you do me
And the voice of the world made no sense to us
Cause all we could hear is each other's voice
And even in the darkest of  times we trusted still
Then why compromise what we share

If time waits for no man
But rather spins around like a yarn
Changing moods so rapidly from joy to pain
And bringing things we never expect
Then let's live within the moment
And enjoy as much as we can
Let us allow love to lead the way
So that we follow as we may.
Because at the end of it all
If its me, then it will forever be you.

© 2014, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi. 
All rights reserved.

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