Thursday, June 23, 2011


This feeling is insane. 
Out of the normal.
 Maybe its magical.
 A minute away from you feels like a thousand years in an unknown planet.
 And when i see you smile, my whole world turns around.
This feeling is so immense, one that i have never felt before.

 Looking into your eyes, i see my future. 
A bright one at that. 
Where happiness prevails and no anger can penetrate. 
If we are not meant to be then why does my heart skip a beat whenever i see you. 
Why does the sound of your voice make a quick shiver run through my spine? 
And why does your presence tickle me till i burst out laughing.

I'm certain of this feeling,
 more certain than I've ever been in my entire life. 
This feeling, like a special flame that lightens up anytime i see you,
 Because i love you. 
This feeling I'm going to hold on tightly to and never let go.

© 2011, Knaa Anyorkor Odoi. 
All rights reserved.

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